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Household Accounting Book 7.0

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The import of your existing data from version 6.0 is easy. After installing Household Accounting Book 7.0 go to the menu "Home" and click the "Import" button. Select "Carry over data from previous version 6.0..." in the dialog box and click "Import".

...a dialog box will open prompting you to select the folder in which the data is stored. In case of a standard installation the data is stored in the sub-folder "Household Accounting Book/HBDaten" in your personal "Documents" It is sufficient to select the folder "Documents" as the software will search for the data itself.

Select the folder and confirm with "OK". A warning message will be displayed informing you how many entries have been found and that they will be added to your existing tables. If you confirm this message with "OK", your data should be available in the main window...if not, please contact us directly at www.euchler-software.com/contact.

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